[ISN] Symantec to incubate security startups with new VC partnership

http://www.techworld.com/news/security/symantec-incubate-security-startups-with-new-vc-partnership-3619807/ By John E Dunn Techworld.com July 15, 2015 Symantec believes the future of security is out there somewhere and has set up a new partnership with VC firm Frost Data Capital to try and find it in the form of early-stage security startups. Security firms have a long track for acquiring startups for intellectual property as well as seeding the occasional spin-off. What they still struggle to do is to tap into early-stage technology in an affordable and sustainable way. Now the pair plan to incubate up to ten startups per year in the Internet of Things, big data analytics and healthcare sectors in an attempt to shorten the time it takes for the4se technologies to reach thr market. While no investment sums have been revealed it’s an obvious tryout for an emerging ‘non-traditional’ model in which venture firms provide the entrepreneurial support and a security firm such as Symantec sanity checks the security technologies and engineering […]