[ISN] NSA veteran chief fears crippling cyber-attack on Western energy infrastructure

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11563746/NSA-veteran-chief-fears-crippling-cyber-attack-on-Western-energy-infrastructure.html By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Houston Telegraph.co.uk 26 Apr 2015 The West is losing the worldwide fight against jihadist terrorism and faces mounting risks of a systemic cyber-assault by extremely capable enemies, the former chief of the National Security Agency has warned. “The greatest risk is a catastrophic attack on the energy infrastructure. We are not prepared for that,” said General Keith Alexander, who has led the US battle against cyber-threats for much of the last decade. Gen Alexander said the “doomsday” scenario for the West is a hi-tech blitz on refineries, power stations, and the electric grid, perhaps accompanied by a paralysing blow to the payments nexus of the major banks. “We need something like an integrated air-defence system for the whole energy sector,” he said, speaking at a private dinner held by IHS CERAWeek in Texas. […]