[ISN] Saudi ‘hackers’ help fight cyber criminals

http://www.arabnews.com/science-technology/news/736981 ABHA: NADIA AL-FAWAZ 24 April 2015 A group of citizens named “Hackers of Saudi Arabia” is helping to fight cyber criminals in the country. Muhammed Al-Sare’ey, head of the team of seven specialists, said that they have succeeded in tackling over 500 cases of blackmail and retrieved several hacked accounts on Instagram and Twitter. The team also works with various government agencies. Al-Sare’ey said that Saudis use social media without being aware of the crooks offering fake jobs, or getting information to gain access to their bank accounts. Faisal Al-Ansari, who works for the team, said that criminals set up Twitter accounts that appear legitimate to carry out their operations. In one incident, a person claimed to have jobs available. His victims were mostly women whom he duped to reveal their bank account numbers, which he then robbed. […]