[ISN] Security pros name their must-have tools

http://www.networkworld.com/article/2910248/security0/security-pros-name-their-must-have-tools.html By Ann Bednarz Network World April 16, 2015 Secure file sharing is imperative for Lawyers Without Borders, a group that works with volunteer lawyers to advance human rights law in conflict-ridden regions. The nonprofit organization, headquartered in Hartford, Conn., uses Intralinks VIA to protect confidential legal documents and court papers from unsanctioned access. The SaaS solution for content sharing and collaboration is a favorite of Christina Storm, executive director of Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB). The robustness of the product reassures LWOB’s multinational law firm partners that the group is meeting their security standards, Storm says, and it’s an important safeguard for lawyers in the field. “The product allows us to securely share documents and court papers. Intralinks VIA also permits us to revoke access to documents in the event the wrong people get ahold of them,” Storm says. “This can be a matter of life and death for lawyers doing pro bono work with clients in troubled countries who are battling human trafficking, terrorism and other human rights violations. The interception of sensitive documents by criminals or unfriendly governments can compromise the safety of in-country clients, and in some cases the attorneys with whom they work.” Storm shared LWOB’s experience with Intralinks VIA as part of Network World’s annual Fave Raves project, which asks IT pros to talk about their favorite enterprise tech products. This year, a number of IT pros chose enterprise security products as their favorites. […]