[ISN] Where the Military’s Smartest Hackers Aren’t Human at All

http://www.defenseone.com/technology/2015/03/where-militarys-smartest-hackers-arent-human-all/108562/ BY ALIYA STERNSTEIN NEXTGOV MARCH 26, 2015 Next month, unmanned computers all over the globe will face off in a dress rehearsal for a Las Vegas hacking tournament run by the U.S. military. The $2 million “Cyber Grand Challenge” pits hacker-fighting software against malicious code programmed by Pentagon personnel. During the 2016 finals in Vegas, the humans who built these cyberbots might as well go play blackjack. At stake in the cyber challenge is a chunk of change and perhaps societal gratitude. That’s because the research and development gleaned during the two-year competition could lay the groundwork for a world where machines are in charge of cybersecurity. At least, that’s the hope of many of the contestants and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Pentagon component leading the program. […]