[ISN] Former Tesla Intern Releases $60 Full Open Source Car Hacking Kit For The Masses

http://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2015/03/25/hack-a-car-for-60-dollars/ By Thomas Fox-Brewster Forbes Staff 3/25/15 Eric Evenchick knows what it’s like to be at the mercy of modes of transport. That might be why the former Tesla intern is so keen to hack his way to gaining greater control over the vehicles he travels in. When we speak over encrypted call app RedPhone, he’s stuck in Hong Kong airport waiting for a delayed flight to Singapore, where he’ll announce the open sourcing of the CANard tool during the BlackHat Asia conference. His code will make it cheaper and easier than ever before for tinkerers to get to the innards of their connected cars to determine if there are any useful tweaks they can make, or any worrisome security vulnerabilities that more malicious hackers could exploit. Evenchick is hopeful CANard, based on the widely-used and much-loved Python language, will have a greater impact on the car industry in general. It should allow security researchers of all ilks to easily probe cars for weaknesses, which, Evenchick hopes, will get them to take vehicle hacking more seriously. His own tinkering with the code has turned CANard into a more powerful tool in recent weeks. In particular, it now has the ability to carry out proper diagnostics over the Controller Area Network (CAN), the network-on-wheels found in almost all modern automobiles to send data around the vehicle, he tells FORBES. This means anyone who knows or learns Python (it’s a good language for newcomers to coding) can start to probe what functions can be accessed using their computer, whether they run an Apple AAPL -2.61% Mac, Microsoft MSFT -3.36% Windows or Linux PC. They’ll also need to buy some associated hardware to connect laptops to the diagnostics, or OBD2, port, which Evenchick has also produced. He’ll be shipping CANtact, a CAN to USB interface for the low, low price of $59.95 (USB and OBD2 cable not included). There will only be 100 available in the first batch, but the hardware is open source too, meaning it’s easily replicable and even cheaper for those with the right skills. […]