[ISN] FBI Threat Intelligence Cyber-Analysts Still Marginalized In Agency

http://www.darkreading.com/risk/fbi-threat-intelligence-cyber-analysts-still-marginalized-in-agency/d/d-id/1319618 By Sara Peters Dark Reading 3/25/2015 Despite good progress, 9/11 Review Commission says that analysts could have a greater impact on FBI counter-terrorism activities if they had more domain awareness, forensics capabilities, and were more empowered to question agents. FBI threat intelligence analysts, a position created post-9/11, have proven their worth to counter-terror operations, but their impact has been limited by a lack of domain awareness, insufficient computing technology, and a lack of status within the Bureau, according to a report released today by the FBI 9/11 Review Commission. While the analysts are providing agents with tactical input, they are not yet participating in any strategic way. Part of the intelligence analysts’ job description, as described by FBIAgentEdu.org, is cyber-forensics and cyber-surveillance