[ISN] The marriage between DevOps & SecOps

http://www.idgconnect.com/blog-abstract/9656/the-marriage-devops-secops By IDG Connect March 24 2015 This is a contributed article by Tim Prendergast, Founder & CEO of Evident.io The rise of cloud computing brings many exciting changes to the technology industry: elastic scalability of resources, commodity pricing, freedom to experiment, and a newfound love for agile philosophies. Thankfully, the cloud is leaving behind the constraints and practices of the legacy security industry. Here lies an exciting opportunity: with the rise of DevSecOps, we get to truly redefine how operations, engineering, and security can be brought together in harmony to achieve unparalleled success. In the past, organizations kept the domains of engineering, operations, and security separate for scalability and accountability reasons. Preventing engineering and operations from intermixing guaranteed that production environments were held to a higher standard of reliability, resiliency and consistency than that of engineering environments like those used for development and testing. However, in the last few years, the evolution of DevOps philosophies has really taken the industry by storm. DevOps is not exactly new