[ISN] K Street jockeys for cyber supremacy

http://thehill.com/policy/cybersecurity/233563-k-street-jockeys-for-cyber-supremacy By Elise Viebeck The Hill 02/23/15 The race for cybersecurity business is on. Washington’s law and lobby firms are rushing to establish their positions in the lucrative market for cybersecurity counsel, as businesses wake up to the threat posed by hackers worldwide. “Data privacy” — the preferred K Street term for cybersecurity — has become the topic du jour in D.C.’s legal community, and firms are jockeying for any possible edge in hiring, client outreach and events. Evidence of the race litters legal tabloids, lobbying disclosure forms and job boards, confirming that cyber threats are not only fodder for headlines — they present a major opportunity for D.C.’s lawyers and influencers. “Everyone believes this is going to be the next hot thing,” said headhunter Ivan Adler, a principal at the Arlington-based McCormick Group. […]