[ISN] Auto industry gears up to stop hackers

http://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/mark-phelan/2015/02/18/cyber-security-hacking-auto/23571009/ By Mark Phelan Detroit Free Press Auto Critic February 18, 2015 Cars may become tempting targets for hackers looking to wreak havoc, and the auto industry is just beginning to face the challenge of stopping them, a panel of experts said at a conference in suburban Detroit Tuesday. Current vehicles are very vulnerable. A 14-year-old kid armed with a $14 circuit board built from Radio Shack parts cracked a new car’s the security at a hack-a-thon supplier Delphi sponsored last summer, Delphi senior vice president and chief technologist Andrew Brown Jr. told a cyber-security conference sponsored by the Center for Automotive Research. Connected cars that share information with each other and have internet and wi-fi service present automakers with myriad new challenges – and vast opportunities for hackers, Frost & Sullivan research manager Praveen Narayanan said. Cars presenting a tempting target not because hackers want to mess with a single driver, but because the car will be communicating with other vehicles, the infrastructure and finance networks, Anuja Sonalker of Battelle said. […]