[ISN] Google Launches New Incentive Program for Bug Hunters

http://www.eweek.com/security/google-launches-new-incentive-program-for-bug-hunters.html By Jaikumar Vijayan eWEEK.com 2015-02-02 Google will offer up-front grants of up to $3,133.70 to selected vulnerability researchers who will receive rewards regardless of whether they find a bug. Buoyed by the success of its existing bug-bounty program, Google has launched an initiative to reward researchers interested in finding security vulnerabilities in its products. Google’s new Vulnerability Research Grants initiative will offer up-front cash awards of up to $ 3,133.70 to researchers interested in taking a crack at specific Google products and services. Unlike the company’s current bug-bounty program, the new initiative will reward vulnerability researchers regardless of whether they find a bug or not. At the same time, researchers who do actually find a bug under the grants program will remain eligible for a bounty under Google’s current Security Rewards Program as well. […]