[ISN] Capture the Flag: Meet the team bossing one of the toughest hacking competitions around

http://www.zdnet.com/article/capture-the-flag-meet-the-team-bossing-one-of-the-toughest-hacking-competitions-around/ By Michiel van Blommestein February 2, 2015 Nobody doubts that the amount of tech talent that Poland has at its disposal is substantial and a team of security specialists’ triumph in the recent Capture the Flag series of hacking contests seems to confirm it’s not short of ability, even when some parts of the country’s own cybersecurity could use some improvement. Poland’s winning team was Dragon Sector, a group which currently consists of 13 active members from organisations including Google, the Polish CERT, as well as students. In a whole series of events, Dragon Sector competed in various tasks to show their hacking prowess and cyberdefence skills. Among the challenges were solving a number of problems within a set time period, and gaining access to opposing servers while trying to keep their own network safe. Out of the total 33 on-site events they attended, Dragon Sector won seven and took runner-up or third place for a further 18. Other recent high-profile wins for Dragon Sector include last year’s Positive Hack Days Capture the Flat (CTF) in Moscow and Hack.lu CTF in Luxembourg. […]