[ISN] World’s largest DDoS attack reached 400Gbps, says Arbor Networks

http://www.techworld.com/news/security/worlds-largest-ddos-attack-reached-400gbps-says-arbor-networks-3595715/ By John E Dunn Techworld Jan 27, 2015 Some time in December 2014 an unnamed ISP experienced an NTP reflection DDoS attack that peaked at a router-straining 400Gbps, easily the largest denial of service event in Internet history, Arbor Networks’ 10th Annual Infrastructure Report has revealed. It’s an apparently small detail slipped into the firm’s larger narrative which is probably less important in the grand scheme of things than the fact that super-massive DDoS attacks are now common enough to have turned into dull statistics. Message – large DDoS attacks are here to stay. But what is driving this ballooning traffic? Arbor gets its numbers from Peakflow SP sensors in 330 customers’ premises feeding into the firm’s Atlas system, which it backs up with manual surveys of important ISPs and providers not contributing to this system. […]