[ISN] Cybersecurity proves to be a necessity for owner of Durham’s Cocoa Cinnamon

http://www.newsobserver.com/2015/01/26/4502592_cybersecurity-proves-to-be-a-necessity.html By Virgina Bridges newsobserver.com January 26, 2015 I could tell that Leon Grodski de Barrera was skeptical when I told him that my list of three things small-business owners should watch in 2015 included cybersecurity. Why would hackers be interested in the likes of his and his wife’s Durham coffee shop Cocoa Cinnamon, he asked, versus larger companies, such as recent high-profile, big company victims, such as Target, Home Depot and Sony? Everything I was reading said that all business owners should be ensuring that they are updating their programs and protecting their systems because 97 percent of companies would be breached. Then I got an email from Grodski de Barrera. “It’s funny,” he wrote. “Someone tried to hack our site, pretty soon after we spoke.” […]