[ISN] How a 7-year-old girl hacked a public Wi-Fi network in 10 minutes

http://www.information-age.com/technology/security/123458891/how-7-year-old-girl-hacked-public-wi-fi-network-10-minutes By Ben Rossi Information Age 21 January 2015 Free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or other public space is a welcome sign for millions of people everyday who want to get some work done, make a video call, or just catch up on a bit of online shopping. However, as results of a new experiment today prove, public Wi-Fi is so unsecure it can even be hacked by a seven-year-old child – and in just over ten minutes. The ethical hacking experiment was conducted as part of a new Wi-Fi safety public awareness campaign by VPN provider www.hidemyass.com, which aims to to highlight just how effortlessly hackers can compromise any of the UK’s almost 270,000 public Wi-Fi spots. With the consent of her family and in a controlled environment, IT-savvy seven-year-old Betsy Davies managed to hack a willing participant’s laptop while they were connected to a purpose-made open Wi-Fi network – designed to replicate those found on the high street. […]

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