[ISN] Executives in Davos Express Worries Over More Disruptive Cyberattacks

http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2015/01/22/in-davos-executives-express-worries-over-more-disruptive-cyberattacks By DAVID GELLES Dealbook The New York Times JANUARY 22, 2015 DAVOS, Switzerland – Executives from Target and Home Depot were not present at the World Economic Forum, where world leaders and corporate titans are rubbing shoulders and debating weighty issues. Yet the names of those two companies are being invoked several times a day here, held up as examples of early victims in the growing battle against cybercrime. Hackers stole credit card information from 40 million Target customers in late 2013. Last year, Home Depot was hit with a similar breach. And those are just two of a growing list of embattled businesses that includes JPMorgan Chase, Sony and others. Executives were broadly pessimistic on the topic, believing that although a number of prominent cyberattacks occurred in 2014, this year would only be worse. […]