[ISN] Sony hack was good news for INSURERS and INVESTORS

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/01/15/sony_hack_was_good_news_for_insurers_and_investors/ By Mark Pesce The Register 15 Jan 2015 Whoever hacked Sony Entertainment at the end of November changed information security forever. Where once hackers had been most concerned to gain access to the honeypots of credit cards and bank accounts, this theft had a different goal, one that became clear with the steady release of Sony’s most intimate secrets throughout December. This wasn’t about money. This was all about humiliation. We now know way too much about the inner workings of one of the ‘Big Four’ film studios. The magic of cinema looks weak and ugly under close examination. Everything that once seemed lofty and businesslike has been exposed as little more than high school politics and juvenile name-calling. In the back of our heads, we wonder if the rich and powerful talk always trash outside the spotlight. Is Sony the exception