[ISN] I was taught to dox by a master

http://www.dailydot.com/politics/dox-doxing-protection-how-to/ By Joseph Cox The Daily Dot January 06, 2015 There are few things more startling than seeing your private information released online. It makes you feel vulnerable and on-edge, knowing that anyone has the details necessary to throw a brick through your window at a moment’s notice. The act, known as doxing, has become a popular tactic with activists and trolls alike, with members of Anonymous releasing details on KKK members to Gamergate members publishing the personal information of those the movement opposes. While doxers sometimes use hacking or deception to uncover personal details about their targets, contrary to popular belief “most of the info is public,” according to one researcher who has spent years studying and participating in the practice of doxing. All it takes is the right person to put it all together for devastating effect. The researcher, who asked not to be identified, has gained a deep understanding of the various strategies that are used to generate a profile on someone. He agreed to tell me how it’s done. I’m passing on what I’ve learned, so you can better protect yourself against this privacy-destroying practice. […]