[ISN] PHI of 485K swiped in USPS data breach

http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/phi-485k-swiped-usps-data-breach By Erin McCann Managing Editor Healthcare IT News January 5, 2015 What United States Postal Service officials originally reported as a “cybersecurity intrusion” that compromised the Social Security numbers of some 800,000 USPS employees, turned out to be even bigger than they thought, involving scores of protected health records too. The cyberattack, which targeted USPS information systems, compromised employee Social Security numbers, addresses and dates of birth. However, upon a “continuing” investigation, USPS officials discovered the cyberattack also involved a compromise of current and former employee injury claim data, according to a USPS patient notification letter provided to Healthcare IT News. The file hacked contained injury compensation claims dating as far back as November 1980. “We are unaware of any evidence that any of the compromised employee information has been used to engage in any malicious activity, such as identity theft crimes,” wrote Jeffrey Williamson, USPS chief human resources officer, in the Dec. 10 letter. […]