[ISN] FBI wants you to become a cyber agent

http://www.networkworld.com/article/2863395/security0/fbi-wants-you-to-become-a-cyber-agent.html By Michael Cooney LAYER 8 Network World Jan 5, 2015 With its increased emphasis on Internet crime it might come as small surprise the FBI is now looking to bulk –up its cyber agent workforce. The agency in a job posting that is open until Jan. 20 said it has “many vacancies” for cyber special agents to investigate all manner of cyber crimes from website hacks and data theft to botnets and denial of service attacks. To keep pace with the evolving threat, the Bureau is appealing to experienced and certified cyber experts to consider joining the FBI to apply their well-honed tradecraft as cyber special agents, the agency stated. Key requirements to be a special agent include passing a rigorous background check and fitness test. Agents must be at least 23 and no older than 37. Prospective cyber special agents are expected to meet the same threshold as special agents, but also have a wealth of experience in computers and technology. Preferred backgrounds include computer programming and security, database administration, malware analysis, digital forensics, and even ethical hacking. An extensive list of sought-after backgrounds and certifications can be seen on the job posting, the FBI noted. […]