[ISN] GCHQ’s ‘spook first’ programme to train Britain’s most talented tech entrepreneurs

http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/gchqs-spook-first-programme-to-train-britains-most-talented-tech-entrepreneurs-9953516.html By OLIVER WRIGHT WHITEHALL EDITOR 01 January 2015 Britain’s surveillance agency GCHQ could become an incubator lab for the country’s most talented tech entrepreneurs under a government plan for a new “spook first” training programme for graduates. The idea is not just for those who want to spend a lifetime becoming spies. Whitehall officials are now examining whether recruitment to the secretive listening agency could be opened up to graduates who would ultimately like to set up their own companies or work in the commercial IT sector. The scheme is being loosely modelled on the highly successful Teach First programme, where graduates agree to work in challenging schools for at least two years after leaving university with the prospect of a top-level commercial job at the end of it should they decide to leave the profession. The Government is also examining whether any of GCHQ’s intellectual property could potentially have civilian and commercial applications – particularly in the realm of cyber security. […]