[ISN] Look How Cute this Military Cyber Warfare Training Ground Is

http://www.wnyc.org/story/cyber-city-military-grade-miniature-town/ By Eric Molinsky WNYC.org December 17, 2014 Somewhere hidden in the sleepy suburbs of New Jersey, there is a very small town. This all-American village boasts good public transit, its own reservoir, a coffee shop, a church, a bank… you name it. Their international airport rarely has delays. Where is this idyllic hideaway? That’s a military secret. CyberCity, as it’s called, serves as a training ground for a new class of specialized “cyber warriors,” capable of defending against cyber attack. Every day, soldiers plot to take over the town, by hacking into its schools, its water systems, its power grid, and its Internet, as colleagues and instructors watch on screens in the other room. It’s run by the SANS Institute’s Ed Skoudis, whom the military hired to design a new generation of training equipment – and, as Skoudis said, your average digital simulator wasn’t going to cut it: “If you tell them, ‘Hey, one of your folks was able to hack into a power grid and turn the lights back on,’ certain people in the military leadership would look at that and say, ‘You just showed me that my people can play a video game.’ Whereas we can say it was a real power grid. Admittedly controlling a city whose surface area was 48 square feet – but still.” While we can’t disclose CyberCity’s precise location, we can say this: Skoudis’ souped-up model train set sits very near the center of innovation in military training, national security and technology-fueled warfare. […]