[ISN] Roll up, come see the BOOMING HACKER BAZAAR!

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/12/15/roll_up_come_see_the_booming_hacker_bazaar/ By John Leyden The Register 15 Dec 2014 Underground hacker markets are booming with counterfeit documents, premiere credit cards, hacker tutorials, and “complete satisfaction guarantees”, according to a new report from Dell SecureWorks. The means to create a false identity are easily purchased through the cracker bazaars. A fake social security card can be obtain for around $200, with supporting documents as additional proof of ID offered for an additional charge. Between December last year and this June, over 1,500 fake driver’s licences were purchased from a criminal network monitored by Dell researchers at a net cost of $232,660. Dell SecureWorks’ Counter Threat Unit (CTU) director of malware research Joe Stewart and SecureWorks network security analyst David Shear completed a similar study of the underground hacker market last year. They revisited the hacker underground to see if prices for stolen credit cards, fullz (a dossier of an individual’s credentials which can be used to commit identity theft and fraud), bank accounts, and hacker services had gone up or down in price. […]