[ISN] Is Iran is the new China? FBI warning suggests it’s not far off

http://news.techworld.com/security/3591027/is-iran-is-the-new-china-fbi-warning-suggests-its-not-far-off/ By John E Dunn Techworld 15 December 2014 The FBI has sent a formal warning to US energy, defence and education organisations to be on the lookout for targeted Iranian cyberattacks, Reuters has reported. Flagged as confidential, probably because it goes into detail about the techniques used, the ‘Flash’ document offers advice on combatting yet another sophisticated state-backed cyberattack campaign to add to the suspected Chinese, Russian and North Korean ones some of the firms will already be battling. According to the brief details offered by Reuters, the FBI urged affected businesses to contact them. Iranian attacks on US firms are nothing new but news of the latest campaign confirms the warning of the same attacks last week by security consultancy Cylance, which dubbed them ‘Operation Cleaver’. […]