[ISN] Why Healthcare Security Will Benefit From Collaboration

http://healthitsecurity.com/2014/12/08/healthcare-security-will-benefit-collaboration/ By Elizabeth Snell Health IT Security December 8, 2014 With cyber threats on the rise, healthcare security systems must keep pace in order to best protect patient data, as well as their own clinical information. One of the best ways to do that is with organizations working together and communicating strategies to one another, according to Lynne Dunbrack, research president of IDC Health Insights. Dunbrack authored the recent IDC “Business Strategy: Thwarting Cyber Threats and Attacks Against Healthcare Organizations” report, and discussed the findings with HealthITSecurity.com. “You’re as strong as your weakest link,” Dunbrack said. “It means you’re sharing data more and there are more opportunities for data breaches if it’s not well-secured. There is a balance that healthcare organizations need to seek.” With more medical records being implemented into EHRs and more facilities using health information exchanges (HIEs) and other innovations, it’s crucial for organizations to balance healthcare security with new technology. As facilities make investments they also need to ensure they have the appropriate business associate agreements (BAAs) in place, Dunbrack said. Moreover, it’s important to monitor risk assessments and that all covered entities and their connected business associates (BAs) are complying with HIPAA privacy and security requirements. […]