[ISN] Sony Pictures’ Business Secrets Revealed In Hack — Yep, “Seinfeld” Is Still A Cash Cow

http://www.buzzfeed.com/peterlauria/sony-pictures-business-secrets-revealed-in-hack-yep-seinfeld By Peter Lauria BuzzFeed Staff December 3, 2014 The vast trove of internal data hackers took from Sony Pictures Entertainment isn’t just a nightmare for its employees, whose deeply personal information was made public. It also revealed intricate details about Sony’s business, including syndication contracts and movie licensing deals, which could have huge ramifications for the company’s shareholders and business prospects. Included among the leaked files, for instance, is a signed document between the company and television station owner Tribune Broadcasting. It details a syndication deal between the two companies for the sitcom Seinfeld, and calls for Tribune to pay Sony Pictures $37,500 per week over the next three years to air the show on nine of its stations. That’s a total of $5.85 million to air a show that broadcast its last original episode 16 years ago and is now on its fifth syndication cycle, meaning Sony has negotiated deals similar to this four times prior. Another document details a similar deal with the CBS-owned television station in Seattle, under which Sony will collect $4,500 per week for the next three years, or $702,000 total, for that one station alone. The leak includes hundreds of similar contracts, for shows like King of Queens, The Dr. Oz Show, and All in the Family, dating back to at least 2008. Also contained in the leaked documents are details of how Sony Pictures bundles and packages movies for licensing. It is, in short, a veritable commercial nightmare for the company. […]