[ISN] Hackers suggest they had physical access during attack on Sony Pictures

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2851649/physical-security/hackers-suggest-they-had-physical-access-during-attack-on-sony-pictures.html By Steve Ragan Salted Hash CSO Nov 25, 2014 On Monday, Sony Pictures was forced to disable their corporate network after attackers calling themselves the GOP (Guardians of Peace) hijacked employee workstations in order to threaten the entertainment giant. Now, new information suggests that the GOP had physical access to the network in order to accomplish their aims. According to employees, who continue to speak to Salted Hash on the condition that they names not be used, the corporate network is still offline as of Tuesday morning. VPN access is likewise unavailable. In many cases employees are resorting to using non-technical means as a way to accomplish their daily tasks. On Monday, Sony pulled the plug on networks in Culver City and New York, while overseas operations were either limited or offline entirely in some cases. […]