[ISN] Luxury Hotel Wi-Fi Hacked To Target Business Executives

http://www.techweekeurope.co.uk/security/hotel-wifi-hacked-executives-kaspersky-155165 By Michael Moore Tech Week Europe 10 Nov 2014 High-powered executives staying in luxury foreign hotels are being targeted by a new security threat which looks to spy into their devices, a report has revealed. Following a four year-long investigation, web security firm Kaspersky has revealed that the “Darkhotel” APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) is able to spy into the devices of business leaders, attacking them as they try to connect to a compromised hotel Wi-Fi network. Upon connecting, the threat tricks the user into downloading a backdoor masquerading as a legitimate software update, which infects the device with Darkhotel. This spying software then hunts through the victim’s cached passwords, login credentials and steals keystrokes entered on the device, with the aim of accessing the intellectual property of the business entities the user represents. […]