[ISN] Home Depot says 53 million email addresses compromised during breach

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2844289/data-breach/home-depot-says-53-million-email-addresses-compromised-during-breach.html By Steve Ragan CSO Nov 6, 2014 Home Depot says that in addition to 56 million payment cards, the attackers responsible for the breach on their POS network earlier this year also compromised 53 million email addresses. Thursday’s breach investigation update also said the attackers leveraged a third-party vendor’s username and password in order to access the network. Home Depot said the vendor’s credentials were not enough to access the POS network directly, so the attackers needed to elevate their access. Using a zero-day vulnerability in Windows, they did just that, and maintained their presence on Home Depot’s network for five months. The retailer has stated previously that they believe the malware used in the attack was active on their POS network between April and September of 2014. […]