[ISN] College freshman nabbed for alleged data hacking

http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20141106000958 The Korea Herald 2014-11-06 Police said Thursday they have booked a 20-year-old student without physical detention for allegedly hacking into websites and leaking more than 10,000 IDs and passwords of their users online. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said the college freshmen in Seoul spread malicious software on 104 websites in 24 countries between November 2013 and August this year, collecting information from about 280,000 accounts. He published 13,000 of them on his blog and online hacking forums and used some of them to snoop on emails or purchase goods with others’ credit cards. The student is also accused of accessing the website of a South Korean state institution with the account of a civil servant he had obtained through his hacking. […]