[ISN] Why Cybersecurity Breaches are on the Rise for Healthcare

http://healthitsecurity.com/2014/11/04/cybersecurity-breaches-rise-healthcare/ By John Trobough Health IT Security November 4, 2014 The US healthcare industry has embraced its digital future — and that future is dependent on the Internet. The passage and implementation of recent legislation has mandated the adoption of connected healthcare technology as a way to reduce costs, increase patient privacy, and improve care collaboration and quality of healthcare services. Healthcare providers are introducing Internet-enabled patient monitoring devices that transmit readings of vital signs, send alerts if readings are abnormal, enable communication between patients and their physicians or nurses and make patients’ private electronic health records available on their physicians’ tablets or smartphones wherever they are. But with all this data comes risks. The Dangers of a Networked Healthcare System As the healthcare system rapidly embraces digital information and Internet of Things (IoT) for connected care, the risk for cybersecurity breaches goes up. Other industries, including retail and financial services, have made headlines in recent years because of their vulnerabilities to cyber attackers, who are stealing credit card numbers and other private consumer information. A recent BitSight Insights report found that healthcare organizations have both a high volume of security incidents and the slowest response time compared to other industries, with the average event duration being 5.3 days. The healthcare industry also saw the largest percentage increase in cybersecurity incidents from April 2013 to March 2014. […]