[ISN] Social Engineers work in teams to harness the power of information

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2840953/social-engineering/social-engineers-work-in-teams-to-harness-the-power-of-information.html By Steve Ragan Salted Hash CSO Online Oct 30, 2014 Proving once again that information viewed as harmless can often enable an attacker, the contestants in this years Social Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) contest at DEF CON 22 worked in teams of two in order to collect vital information from some of the nation’s largest companies. Social-Engineer.org has released the final report form the SECTF contest held at DEF CON 22 this summer in Las Vegas. As always, the goal of the contest is awareness, using live demonstrations to provide actual examples of the techniques and tactics used by malicious attackers. The only difference is that none of the contestants were actually causing harm; there is a strict rule against victimization. If that wasn’t the case, then some of the companies in this year’s contest would have had an additional layer of problems to deal with. […]