[ISN] N.Korea Hacks 20,000 S.Korean Smartphones

http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2014/10/29/2014102901755.html? By chosun.com Oct. 29, 2014 Some 20,000 smartphones in South Korea are infected with malicious apps as a result of a recent North Korean hacking campaign. National Intelligence Service data revealed on Tuesday say the apps were posted by North Korean hackers on South Korean websites from May 19 to Sept. 16 this year. The NIS claims it has taken steps to delete the apps, update vaccines and block the sources of hacking attacks. It did not reveal who the targets of the attacks were. Once infected with the malicious apps, smartphones are reportedly vulnerable to eavesdropping and clandestine videotaping. There have been a lot of worries about the possibility of the North hacking into smartphones, but this is the first time that specific cases have been revealed. […]