[ISN] CJK network security consultation mechanism to combat cyber-terrorism matters discussed

http://www.qianhuaweb.com/content/2014-10/22/content_5280999.htm [Google translation] By Jiang Tao and Guo Junyu China news agency October 22, 2014 Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying the 22nd at a regular press conference in Beijing, said the network security affairs consultation mechanism between Japan and South Korea for the first time the meeting discussed the fight against cybercrime and cyber-terrorism, emergency response cooperation and other issues of Internet. 21, Chinese Foreign Ministry Network Coordinator Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ambassador network policy, South Korean Foreign Ministry in Beijing International Security Affairs Ambassador in Japan and South Korea co-hosted the network security affairs consultation mechanism first meeting. Hua Chunying said that the tripartite exchanged their network architecture policies and related mechanisms discussed cybersecurity code of conduct for responsible national and confidence-building measures, the Conference of the International Telecommunication Union, the ASEAN Regional Forum, the BRIC countries, the SCO and other international and areas related processes, to combat cyber crime and cyber terrorism, internet emergency response cooperation and other issues, and describes the relevant international conferences will be organized by the respective situation. Hua Chunying said the tripartite tentatively agreed to hold a second meeting will be held in South Korea next year. According to reports, Japan and South Korea in 2014 to establish the mechanism aimed at enhancing mutual trust and cooperation between the three countries in the network field.