[ISN] Obama’s Cyber Czar Wants to Replace Passwords With Selfies

http://www.nationaljournal.com/tech/obama-s-cyber-czar-wants-to-replace-passwords-with-selfies-20141009 BY BRENDAN SASSO National Journal October 9, 2014 The Obama administration’s top cybersecurity official wants to get rid of passwords. “Frankly, I would love to kill the password dead as a primary security method, because it’s terrible,” said Michael Daniel, the White House cybersecurity coordinator, during a discussion Thursday hosted by the Center for National Policy and The Christian Science Monitor. So what would replace the password? Daniel suggested that “selfies” would be one possibility. A device could scan a photo of a person’s face and grant access only to the right one. “You could use the cameras on cell phones, which are now ubiquitous, so the selfies are used for something besides posting on Facebook,” Daniel said. Fingerprint scanners, which are already in use on iPhones, are another possibility, Daniel said. […]