[ISN] Accused Russian hacker faces new charges in the US

http://rapsinews.com/judicial_news/20141010/272331353.html Russian Legal Information Agency 10/10/2014 MOSCOW, October 10 (RAPSI) – An additional 11 cyber fraud charges will be brought against Russian national Roman Seleznev on October 16 in Seattle, spokeswoman for Washington’s Western District attorney Emily Langley told RIA Novosti on Friday. A pretrial hearing on Seleznev’s case is scheduled for November 3. Langley could not say how the additional charges might influence the sentence if Seleznev is found guilty. “The potential prison term is impacted by a number of things,” she explained. ” the number of counts or the maximum penalties they carry. The characteristics of the crime and of the individual defendant are factors considered by the judge at sentencing.” She added that at this point Seleznev has not been convicted of anything so it is premature to make assumptions about the sentence. An additional 11 counts were added to the previous 29 counts, the US Department of Justice announced yesterday. Moscow-born Roman Seleznev, 30, the son of Liberal Democratic Party State Duma lawmaker Valery Seleznev, has been charged with hacking into retail cash register systems to install malicious software to steal credit card numbers, and with operating servers and international carding forum websites to facilitate the theft and sale of stolen credit card data. He was arrested in the Maldive Islands and taken to Guam, an unincorporated US territory in the western Pacific. […]