[ISN] Cyber Spy High: Meet the NSA’s Hacker Recruiter

http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/security/cyber-spy-high-meet-nsas-hacker-recruiter-n216056 BY EAMON JAVERS NBC News Oct 1, 2014 The National Security Agency has a recruiting problem. Rocked by the Edward Snowden disclosures and facing stiff competition for top talent from high-paying Silicon Valley firms, the nation’s cyber spy agency is looking to recruit a new generation of college hackers and tech experts. And through one new program, the agency is cultivating students as young as eighth grade. The man the NSA has turned to for help solving its recruiting problem is an avuncular 32-year NSA veteran named Steven LaFountain, who has been tasked with building up a “cyber curriculum” for tech-savvy students at 20 to 25 American universities–and making sure a steady flow of top minds continues to go to work for the nation’s technical surveillance agency. Officially, it’s known as the Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations program. Recently, CNBC sat down with LaFountain in a conference room at NSA’s National Cryptologic Museum, next to the agency’s sprawling headquarters in Ft. Meade, Maryland, to talk about recruiting in the post-Snowden era. […]