[ISN] A Virginia hacker catches the attention of federal law enforcement

http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/crime/a-virginia-hacker-catches-the-attention-of-federal-law-enforcement/2014/09/27/51251eee-1405-11e4-9285-4243a40ddc97_story.html By Justin Jouvenal The Washington Post September 27, 2014 The agents from the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service showed up on Muneeb Akhter’s Springfield doorstep in mid-July, he said, soon after they learned that he claimed to have created a hack so powerful it was like printing virtual money. The cybersecurity expert and self-described hacker, who started college at 16, had casually told co-workers soon after starting work as a DHS contractor that he could add money to major retailers’ gift cards without spending a dime. Now, as the 22-year-old and the agents sat around his family’s dining room table, the officials wanted to know how. Akhter thought they might arrest him as he explained the hack, but instead, he said, they extended an extraordinary offer: Work secretly as a hacker for the government. “There is no university we can go to and just recruit people,” a man, who Akhter said is a DHS agent, is heard saying on an audio recording of the meeting that Akhter’s family made. “The people we’re looking for might be the people they have concerns about because you have special skills that we need.” […]