[ISN] Hack attacks on hospitals jump 600% this year: CEO

http://www.cnbc.com/id/102030232 By Cadie Thompson @CadieThompson CNBC.com Sept 25, 2014 Hacking medical data has become a booming business, and attacks against hospitals are up 600 percent in 2014, a security company CEO told CNBC. The increase in data-sharing, and the growth of the Internet of everything may be good for medicine, but it’s creating a security nightmare for the health-care industry, said John McCormack, chief executive of Websense. “Medical information is incredibly valuable, it’s where the money is at,” he said. “There’s been a huge spike in hospital attacks.” One credit card number costs mere pennies on the black market, but one medical record can be worth about $100, making it a much more appealing target, he said. […]