[ISN] Active, reserve components spar over ‘sexy’ cyber mission

http://www.navytimes.com/article/20140922/NEWS04/309220034/Active-reserve-components-spar-over-sexy-cyber-mission By Andrew Tilghman Staff writer Navy Times Sep. 22, 2014 After months of bureaucratic battles, the Pentagon is finalizing a plan to give reservists a limited role in the evolving cyber force. U.S. Cyber Command’s effort to build a force of 6,200 cyber warriors, split among 133 operational teams, has fueled a tug-of-war between the Defense Department’s active and reserve components. Reserve advocates say the mission is unique because many reservists have civilian careers in the tech sector and are more skilled in cyber operations than many active-duty troops shifting from traditional military career fields. But some active-duty military leaders are reluctant to share the “sexy” cyber mission, which comes with money and jobs that will be largely shielded from forcewide budget cuts, said Adm. Michael Rogers, CYBERCOM commander. “I have told the team: ‘I will not accept an ‘us vs. them’ approach to doing business. We’re on one freakin’ team. … If you think you can do this just on the active side, you’re a moron,’ ” Rogers told reserve component advocates Sept. 10 as he rolled out some basic elements of CYBERCOM’s staffing plan for the Reserve Forces Policy Board, a federal advisory group. […]