[ISN] The greatest John McAfee email ever

http://venturebeat.com/2014/09/18/the-greatest-john-mcafee-email-ever/ By Richard Byrne Reilly VentureBeat September 18, 2014 At the Defcon security conference in Las Vegas in early August, I waited in line with my esteemed colleague Dean Takahashi for 40 minutes in order to get our pictures taken with perhaps the most unabashed instigator in the history of technology. John McAfee. McAfee, of course, is the security software legend who founded McAffee, Inc. For nearly a month I had been reaching out to McAfee in order to score an interview about his latest security startup, Brownlist. Brownlist, which aims to help the little guy battle big government, was unveiled at Defcon to a packed house of nearly 700 people who were hanging on McAfee’s every word. McAfee and I exchanged digits and posed for the picture. And he promised to be in touch. But he never emailed. Or called. Weeks passed. I began to lose interest. Meanwhile, McAfee had been on CNN, Bloomberg, and other channels, railing about technology and how he would once again change the paradigm. […]