[ISN] Meet Zelda, the unlikely ‘Dear Abby’ of NSA

http://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2014/09/06/rare-peek-into-super-secret-nsa-through-its-very-own-advice-columnist/pNheGTksn0rqJHU8XqltwI/story.html By Bryan Bender GLOBE STAFF SEPTEMBER 07, 2014 WASHINGTON — The anonymous employee wrote to complain that a high-ranking official “is frequently MIA,” or missing in action. “We never know if he is coming or not,” the underling wrote. “He frequently leaves work in the middle of the day to run routine errands. I overheard him tell a co-worker, ‘This place is last on my list of priorities.’ ” “This place” is none other than the super-secret National Security Agency. The writer, “Headless in Headquarters,” was airing one of scores of grievances to “Zelda,” the often cheeky and opinionated advice columnist in the agency’s employee newsletter — a popular fixture inside the spy agency whose role is revealed in documents obtained by The Boston Globe. “Ask Zelda,” in its quirky, sarcastic, and at times blunt and sobering style, reveals a host of workplace ills at the agency that has been under fire for monitoring huge amounts of private communications since a former contractor, Edward Snowden, last year leaked thousands of documents about its domestic intelligence-gathering practices. […]