[ISN] The Russian-made tool that grabs nude selfies from iCloud accounts

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2602243/data-protection/the-russianmade-tool-that-grabs-nude-selfies-from-icloud-accounts.html By Jeremy Kirk IDG News Service Sep 4, 2014 There’s a seedy trade in compromising photos stored in Apple iCloud accounts, and it is in part aided by a software program that cleanly collects the data. Some of the nude celebrity photos are believed to have first been circulated on Anon-IB, a definitely not safe-for-work forum. As reported by Wired, the forum is full of offers for iCloud “ripping,” or downloading the entire contents of an account. The software tool they’re using is Moscow-based Elcomsoft’s Phone Password Breaker, or EPPB, one of many forensic tools the company develops for law enforcement and other clients. Elcomsoft CEO Vladimir Katalov said via email on Wednesday that there are legitimate uses for his company’s software and that it doesn’t exploit flaws in Apple services. […]