[ISN] Phishing emails fool most employees. But is this their problem or email’s?

http://news.techworld.com/security/3543504/phishing-emails-fool-most-employees-but-is-this-their-problem-or-emails/ By John E. Dunn Techworld 04 September 2014 More than a decade after phishing attacks became the standard way of getting around corporate defences, all but a tiny minority of employees still fall for this kind of email, a McAfee test of UK-based workers has found After crunching numbers on 1,755 people who took the firm’s online Phishing Test, eight out of ten failed to spot at least one bogus email in seven with finance and HR departments among the worst performers. Employees in more technical departments such as R&D were generally the best performers, with all types of workers particularly susceptible when spam emails included spoofed addresses. Six out of ten people fell for UPS scams if the return address looked genuine while half were fooled by a similar tactic using an eFax notification. “Phishing continues to pose significant security risks for businesses and consumers alike. More worryingly, perhaps, is the lack of education around how to spot a phishing email amidst the many emails we’re sent on a daily basis,” commented McAfee EMEA CTO, Raj Samani. […]