[ISN] UK Ministry of Justice fined over prison data loss

http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/240e2eb2-2d0c-11e4-8105-00144feabdc0.html By Chris Nuttall FT.com August 26, 2014 The UK’s Prison Service can lock its cells but not its hard drives, it seems – displaying a lack of technical knowhow that “beggars belief”, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office. The information rights regulator has fined the Ministry of Justice £180,000 for a second incident where an unencrypted hard drive went missing – in May 2013 – with sensitive and confidential information about prisoners. After a similar case in October 2011, when an unencrypted hard drive containing the details of 16,000 prisoners was lost, the Prison Service issued new hard drives, which were able to encrypt – or scramble – information on them, to all 75 prisons in England and Wales. However, the ICO’s investigation into the latest incident has found that the Prison Service didn’t realise that the encryption option on the new hard drives needed to be turned on to work correctly. […]