[ISN] Google goes public with security audits to ease corporate concerns

http://www.cnet.com/news/google-goes-public-with-security-audits-to-assuage-enterprise-concerns/ By Seth Rosenblatt @sethr Security CNet News August 27, 2014 Google is taking unprecedented steps to show its cloud, business, and education customers that data protection is its top priority. To prove its commitment, Google is making the details of an independent security audit and of a security compliance certificate available to the public for the first time on its Google Enterprise security site. The SOC 3 Type II audit report and updated ISO 27001 certificate denote security approval for Google Apps for Business, Google Apps for Education, and Google Cloud Platform. Security and data centers are both big business. Google currently employs more than 450 full-time security engineers, and a Gartner study projects that companies will spend nearly 8 percent more on security this year than they did last year. The SOC 3 report and the ISO certificate that Google made public are widely accepted, internationally recognized security compliance standards. The SOC 3 is essentially a shorter report from the same audit as the longer SOC 2, while the ISO certification covers organizational and logical security. […]