[ISN] Why our lack of understanding on China may be the biggest risk

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2597397/advanced-persistent-threats/why-our-lack-of-understanding-on-china-may-be-the-biggest-risk.html By George V. Hulme CSO Aug 25, 2014 If you don’t understand the capabilities and motivations of your adversaries – you can’t expect to be very successful in managing your relationship with them, negotiating, or defending against their advancements. This is especially true today when it comes to nation-state cyber threats, according to Lt. Col. (ret) William Hagestad II. Hagestad spoke as the opening keynote this week past weekend at the security conference BSides MSP, held just outside of Minneapolis. If your organization doesn’t understand the nature of the information security and intellectual property threats that face enterprises today, and how to defend IT systems, data, and intellectual property – the years upcoming are liable to be very jarring. While Hagestad is a widely known expert on Chinese cyber conflict capabilities, and has written two books on the subject, “21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare” (2012) and “Operation Middle Kingdom: China’s Use of Computers & Networks as a Weapon System” (2013) – his core message this week is that the U.S.’s lack of understanding of what or who China is and how to deal with the nation may actually be its biggest risk when it comes to the growing power. […]