[ISN] Hackers shut down Sony Playstation network at the same time as they diverted CEO’s plane by tweeting bomb threat

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2734392/Hackers-send-bomb-threat-Sony-exec-s-plane-shutting-Playstation-Network.html By ASSOCIATED PRESS 26 August 2014 Hackers attacked Sony’s PlayStation Network and apparently disrupted the travel plans of a top company executive by going on Twitter to suggest that there was a bomb on his American Airlines plane. American cut short the Sony Corp. executive’s flight on Sunday and made an unplanned landing in Phoenix. The plane with 179 passengers and a crew of six was scheduled to fly from Dallas to San Diego but stopped for what the FBI termed a security threat. American Airlines declined to comment on the threat. A Twitter account called Lizard Squad tweeted to American Airlines that there might be explosives on the plane carrying John Smedley, the president of Sony Online Entertainment, which makes video games. The same account also claimed responsibility for the PlayStation Network outage. […]