[ISN] Michael Daniel’s Path to the White House

http://www.govinfosecurity.com/interviews/michael-daniels-path-to-white-house-i-2422 By Eric Chabrow Gov Info Security August 21, 2014 Michael Daniel sees his lack of technical expertise in IT security as an asset in his job as White House cybersecurity coordinator. “Being too down in the weeds at the technical level could actually be a little bit of a distraction,” Daniel, a special assistant to the president, says in an interview with Information Security Media Group. “You can get enamored with the very detailed aspects of some of the technical solutions,” he says. “And, particularly here at the White House … the real issue is to look at the broad, strategic picture and the impact that technology will have.” Daniel came out of obscurity in the federal bureaucracy in May 2012 – he was serving as the intelligence branch chief at the White House Office of Management and Budget – when President Obama tapped him to replace the administration’s first cybersecurity coordinator, Howard Schmidt (see Who Is Michael Daniel?). […]