[ISN] Defense ministry finds hacking attempts against its reporters

http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20140822000949 By koreaherald.com 2014-08-22 Unidentified hackers, suspected to be based in China, have been caught trying to steal data from media reporters covering South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense, ministry officials said Friday. “We’ve confirmed that a handful of reporters covering the ministry have received an e-mail which carries the malicious code this week,” a ministry official said, explaining that once the email is opened, it automatically imbeds the virus code into the computer. “The code embedded into the computer is meant to steal information in the receiver’s computer automatically. A notebook by one of the reporters was infected with the virus,” he said, noting that it is “yet to be known if any leakage took place.” While investigation into the incident is under way, ministry officials said retracing the IP of the code revealed that the hacker, or hackers, had used a server from Liaoning, China, referring to an Internet Protocol address, the online equivalent of a street address or a phone number. […]